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We here at Brynaman Primary School are here to help you keep your children safe online. Please take time to read the information below and we strongly advise that you visit some of the websites and discuss the issues with your children. It's important that we follow these rules at all times in school and at home.


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Pc Kev talking to staff and parents about keeping children safe online 

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Internet Safety Day 2019



E-Safety across the school 

Nursery and Reception 


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Year 1 and 2

Sharing Information Online

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How to keep yourself safe online 



Safe and unsafe websites



Digital footprints

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Year 3 and 4

Being safe online

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Secure passwords


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Powerful Words

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 Personal Information




Year 5 and 6

PC Kev

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 Strong Passwords 

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Communicating online safely

 Talking Safely Online


Cyber bullying

Pc Kev



Social Networking Social Networking 2



Facebook guide for Parents          Parents guide for Instagram

Facebook                             Instagram


 Snapchat guide for Parents           WhatsApp guide for Parents

Snapchat                            Whatsapp


Yik Yak Information for Parents      I-pad safety guide for Parents

 Yik Yak         Ipad



Useful websites

Brilliant starting place for parents and children on app and web safety.

Useful website for parents and children on being safe in general.

Useful links to many education e-safety websites.

NSPCC website on social network safety with children.

Protecting your children online.



Esafety 2